Andrew Sullivan’s “Why I Blog”

Andrew Sullivan does an excellent job of explaining what “blog” means in the beginning of his own blog. I’ve always heard the word blog, and I never really understood what it was until I read through this. Then he compares formal writing to blogging; in blogging, he says that you don’t really need to edit anything unless it involves punctuation or spelling.

Mr. Sullivan tells us how blogs make a connection with the readers and the author. It’s easier for the reader to understand what you’re saying through something more personal rather than a formal essay on a topic that doesn’t reflect the here and now. Blogging allows the author the advantage of being able to publish something and the author’s opinion on that topic, as well as displaying it with images and hyperlinks. Sullivan tries to convey in this article how blogging can be done immediately after you’ve witnessed a personal experience, and you are willing to share this for people to relate to.

Sullivan doesn’t speak of the concept of blogging all the time; he also begins talking about his experiences of when he first blogged and other experiences he’s had with blogging. He states, “A successful blog therefore has to balance itself between a writers own take on the world and others.” I think he means that a blogger must be open-minded, and balance his or her own opinions with others’. If a blogger is biased towards a certain subject, then he or she will attract bad reviews, and be unsuccessful. By connecting with the readers, it’s easier to receive the positive feedback that’ll help you to write your next blog and to continuously be successful in the blogging industry.